Monday, November 1, 2010

Disney Land!

Me and my Sister-in-law went to California a few weeks ago to visit family and friends. We had a blast and i def. have one of the best sister-in-laws ever! It was a very long road trip there and back but the girls are awesome on the road and we have a lot of fun and good laughs wile on the road. While we were there Grammy Debbie took the girls to Disneyland and bought them these adorable baby princess costumes! She is awesome and we had a great time being able to see Jordan's family and seeing mine. There is never enough time for everything you would like to do but i am so glad a got to spend a lot of much needed time with my mom. Sh is a hard worker and i dont get t see her as much as i would like. She had 3 full days off while we were there and i was very excited. I loved being there and we had a blast!

She is off to her castle!

Me and Payton

Wishing for their Prince's

And she was off again!

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cute! love that little tinker bell