Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mothers Instinct

Soooo im not sure if its just me but i feel like it will be forever until i find out what gender this baby is going to be! I am currently 5 months and well i personally think ill die if i have to wait any longer. Many of you may ask what is taking so long? Well let me explain the story behind what is making this drag on forever!
Alright here it is. When i first found out i was prego out insurance was through blue sheild. I loved my doctor but our insurance was really expensive each month and only covered 70% which isnt a lot when you had as many tests done on you and blood drawn from you as i did. Well amazingly in this economy jordan was blessed to get a job through wells fargo which has been the best thing ever. We have benifits for anything you can imagine which i awesome and saving us a million dollars a month. (Who knew life could be less stressful!) Anyways while we were researching which insurance company and health insurance policy would be the best and save us the most is med. bills it was Kaiser. Unfourtounitly i had to switch doctors, and the doctor i was recommended was gonna take forever to be able to see me. I have an appointment on Monday and feel as anxious as a kid who is going to Disneyland for there first time. I have thought about it all week long! I'm going to beg here to give me an ultrasound right there and then at this appointment and very well might cry if i have to wait any longer. 
I must worn you all that if i let you all know its a boy you might be surprised but i have felt from day one that it is 90% sure to be a boy! I guess you could say that's my motherly intuition kicking in! I will be on top of the world if it is either one but feel that the reason my belly is forming as if i have a growing basketball in it is because it a boy. My sisters tended to gain more belly weight and carry their babies wider when it was a girl inside. So far all of our pregnancies have been extremely similar so I'm counting on it. Anyways sorry if i bore any of you just thought i should write at least one blog a month and also thought i would explain as to why we still don"t know what gender our baby is. haha
I will be sure to keep you all posted after Monday! :)