Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Life!

I have realized that i am the worst blogger ever known to blogging history! One of my New years resolutions before the new year is to be a better blogger. It has been a crazy and wonderful year and I'm so sad that i haven't posted all of the amazing things that have gone on. To start Payton June was born on June 9Th weighing 7 lbs 11oz. She is the most amazing baby and i think my heavenly father new exactly what he was doing when he sent her to us. She is full of life and is truly the happiest and smiliest babies I've ever seen. She just turned 6 months and looking back i cannot believe how fast it has gone by. Some of the new and exciting things we get to enjoy her doing lately are rolling EVERYWHERE, saying "dadadadadadada" which makes Jordan the happiest dad in the world, laughing all the time, loving us being silly, and starting to sit by herself. (for about max 4 seconds :) ) We Love her like crazy! Jordan recently joined the Utah National Guard and will be leaving for around 4 months for training soon! :( Yes that also means we are moving to Utah. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth but ill get use to them. We are very excited for the new change even if it is a little scary. I think of this past year and even though it might have been a tough one it has also been AMAZING and we have been blessed with so much! Love you all and Merry Christmas!