Thursday, November 4, 2010

airport visit with Grandma!

Yesterday my mom flew to SanFransico to help with my grandpa who has terminal lung cancer and doesnt have much more time left with us. her flight had a lay over in Salt lake, so we drove there to visit with her for only about 40 minutes. I love seeing my mom any chance i get. It was fun and Payton loves her to death! Forget about mommy when grandmas around! Kayleen came also and her boyfriend and his mother came to meet my mom. It was a very nice visit! Love you mom!

i love this picture! i think ill print it and frame it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treaters in training!

This year Holloween fell on a Sunday so everyone here in Utah celebrated on Sat night. We were invited to dusty and joslins for a very fun night. Her cousin Mckelle and her husband Jake and their little girl were there als. We had a spoky holoween dinner and then while the daddy's stayed and watched football us mommys took our little Trick or Treaters in training out around the neighborhood. They were so adorable. It is so fun to have cousins the same age. They fight as much as they love but how cute are they!!!

Pumpkin Time!

We had an awesome family night carving pumkins and being silly! Fall is the best time of the year and it is so fun that Payton is getting older to enjoy it with us!
The Adams family jack-o-lantern's
Payton and mommy!
She was very into it but would only touch it with her ice cream scooper! haha
Daddy and Payton! Daddy did most of the work. We love our Daddy!

One of the best things about living here is being able to see the beautiful seasons changing! It is truly breath taking!

Disney Land!

Me and my Sister-in-law went to California a few weeks ago to visit family and friends. We had a blast and i def. have one of the best sister-in-laws ever! It was a very long road trip there and back but the girls are awesome on the road and we have a lot of fun and good laughs wile on the road. While we were there Grammy Debbie took the girls to Disneyland and bought them these adorable baby princess costumes! She is awesome and we had a great time being able to see Jordan's family and seeing mine. There is never enough time for everything you would like to do but i am so glad a got to spend a lot of much needed time with my mom. Sh is a hard worker and i dont get t see her as much as i would like. She had 3 full days off while we were there and i was very excited. I loved being there and we had a blast!

She is off to her castle!

Me and Payton

Wishing for their Prince's

And she was off again!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm slowly learning!

Ok so i finally figured out how to change a few things on my blog. Sorry for the retardedness of it lately.... and for a complete idiot when it comes to computers i am slowly learning and now can actually start blogging like a normal person. Also as soon as i get my camera back from being fixed in CA i will be posting some new pictures of our little family over this summer! Hope you all are well. Oh ya arnt you all so excited it's Halloween time?!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Payton's 1st Birthday!!

so : ) We just recently celebrated Payton's first birthday. well, actually we celebrated it twice. we had one party here in Utah with some friends and family, then we went home to Vista to have her actual party with family there as well. I cannot believe shes one. It seems like the last year has flown by so quick. We've had a lot of changes this past year. For starters we moved to Utah... I cant say its the most desirable place to live. Our roots are in San Diego and we cant imagine living the rest of our lives away from our home. So we decided that its in our best interest to make a plan to get back there someday. (sooner rather than later, relatively speaking) But for now we are enjoying our time here in Utah and especially enjoying watching Payton developing from a baby into a toddler, with teeth temper and the whole works. She hasnt had much progress in the hair department, so people tend to think shes alot younger than she really is. But shes recently hit a growth spurt and shes starting to look her age a bit more. But all in all shes really developed into a beautiful, intelligent and funny little kid. For her birthday we celebrated at our house here in Orem. we had some friends and family over, and tons of food. Grandpa Rick got her a brand new play house, complete with a working doorbell and cordless phone. She loves it. She also got alot of clothes and toys which she loves just the same. Then 2 weeks later we flew to San Diego to celebrate with more family and soak up the moisture and sun in southern California. We were there for about a week and Jordan joined us for a few days but had to be back for work. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. : )