Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well i have to apologize for not being very good at the blog thing.  I will though use the excuse that it has been a very busy few weeks and that does have a little something to do with it! i just have to say how excited i am for this Christmas, not for any particular reason but just for the plain fact that it certainly is the best time of the year! Being young and unfortunately not wealthy what-so-ever, i have realized this year that the gifts are not what matter but instead just enjoying what we do have. I'm sure i have a little bit more Christmas cheer in my heart this year partly because i know this new year is going to be a gift itself. I am so excited to think of the blessing that are to come our way.  We hope you all have an amazing holiday season and we love you all! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is us!

So since I am one of those people who always enjoys looking at other peoples lives and the new and interesting things they are up to, I finally decided that we should start our own blog. Now that our life is becoming a little more interesting and not just about Jordan and I and our not so exciting life of working and school.  I am proud to announce that we have another addition to the family that we are very excited about. Though he or she is not born yet and will not be expected until June 14th or around then, it's still fun for us to share our new adventure with all of you! I am currently 12 weeks prego, and it has been not such an exciting 12 weeks other than the fact that knowing we are going to have a baby, which is the most exciting thing ever. I am hoping I can feel better my second trimester. We have been to 3 appointments already and tomorrow will be my fourth. I have had two ultra sounds so far and hopefully tomorrow I will get to hear that tiny little heart that we've only had the chance to see beating. To all of you who have already experienced this, isn't it the most amazing thing to know that you have that tiny little life inside of you, relying on you ? A little intimidating I will admit and though at times I wish someone else could just go through the not so fun days for me I wouldn't change anything about my life for anything in the world. How blessed we are to have this amazing blessing coming our way. I will be sure to keep you all updated on the details as we go along.