Saturday, February 7, 2009

I was wrong!!! It's a girl :)

So as soon as Jordan will help me learn how to use a computer and upload pictures like millions of other people know how to do i will show you guys some adorable pictures of my BABY GIRL! I am still in shock that i called that one wrong but i have to admit that i couldn't be happier. For all of those who read my last post... My new doctor is amazing and she did give me an ultra sound just to check and make sure everything looked perfect. It did. before she even started me and Jordan both asked if she could try and see if she could tell what sex it was. She agreed saying "ill try!" we were hoping she could tell. As she was looking so was i, ( that is for a little boy part.) I wasn't seeing anything that i thought looked liked that but i also didn't even really know how to look for that!  ha ha. She proceeded to say ,"i think its looking like a girl! She didn't want to say if she was for sure or not because i still had to go down to the hospital for a level 3 ultra sound which is where they tell you for sure.  We were in shock! Jordan reacting a bit emotionless, as he did when i told him i was pregnant told me when he had before I'm not gonna react until we know for sure! It drives me crazy! 
We were lucky and were able to get an appointment the next morning down at Zion for the big 1 hour ultra sound. I was so nervous for some reason that lets just say the bumper to bumper ride down there was no fun at all for me, Jordan or my make-up bag. I still haven't gotten the trick down how not to be sick early in the morning! At least i know my husband really loves me if he is still hanging around after seeing me go through the most unattractive animal like reactions humans can make. ha ha. ......We arrived and went in, the doctor checked EVERYTHING and told us she would tell us last what it was. The baby was quite obvious in letting us know she was a girl for sure. Acting shy and stubborn. The doctor said it is definitely a girl and Jordan's face as i looked over was lit up with a huge scared to death smile of "omg its a girl!" I was overwhelmed with excitement and instantly had a different feeling of being pregnant. So there it is sorry it took me longer to get back to some of you.
As soon as i can ill try and put a picture of her tiny little face up. Love you all. 


Patrick and Michelle Hinckley said...

Kerrisa Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! WOW it has been forever- I can't believe that you have been married for 2 years now! And you are going to be a MOMMY! That is so awesome!! :) And it's a little girl so now you can play dress up! (isn't that the best part of having a girl??)

kesli said...

Hey Kerrisa
First of all, congrats!! How exciting for you and Jordan. I am so thrilled. I am glad Julie put a picture of you on her blog because I figured you would make a comment if you had your own blog and here you are. I will check often and see how things are progressing. Tell you family hello. Good luck.

Christian and Karina said...

Congratulations! How fun! I am sorry about the sick part though, I was so sick with Luc and I can commiserate. I hope you feel better! You guys are still around Vista, aren't you?